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Sales Success System

Player Map prepares your team to maximize wins on your strategic projects.  A proven process focused on value every step of the sale by aligning   with what client Players value professionally & personally, and delivering your differentiated value in strategic Player Plans.  The Player Map system is installed via workshops, webinars & coaching customized to your goals, time & budget, and sustained by your managers leading it going forward.

Proven Track Record

Player Map complements & elevates any sales approach that you currently utilize, and the "one picture speak a thousand words" design of the Player Map helps to span both language and cultural boundaries.  Proven in over 70 countries, Player Map has delivered 100% higher win rate.

Client Testimonials

Around the world, clients choose us to help boost their sales. Read what they have to say:

"For all our major projects we Player Map it, and our win rate has DOUBLED."
— Sales Manager, Sydney, Australia

"We use Salesforce, and we like how PLAYER MAP X-Ray integrates with it."
— Sales Executive, Washington DC

"Player Map has helped us win in a very tough market - Player Map works."
— Sales Manager, Montreal, Quebec

"Player Map enables us to communicate globally on our strategic accounts."
— Sales Vice President, Zurich, Switzerland

"We were using Player Map immediately, and for far less time and money."
— Sales Executive, San Francisco, California