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Visual Sales Tool

Player Map X-Ray (PMX) equips you to create maps showing current client relationships or ones you need to build, design plans for key influencers, review their LinkedIn® profiles, and share Player Maps to fuel collaboration.  Quick, secure & easy to use, PMX analyzes each Player Map real-time, and offers "on the fly" coaching.  Select the PMX version below that will work best for you, and in minutes you can Player Map it to increase sales.

Player Map

PMX Standard

Access online via Chrome® , Firefox® , Internet Explorer® or Safari® to build Player Maps. Subscribe via PayPal® and you will be set on PMX:
$48 per person per year

PMX for Salesforce®

Access via the Player Map tab to import contacts or create new contacts to build Player Maps. Contact us to discuss the Salesforce® version:
$72 per person per year